Cottonwood Career Center


Misha Morgan, CTE Coordinator

Melissa Maughan, Career Center Secretary

Mary Campbell, Work-Based Learning Specialist

Kristin Monson, District Work-Based Learning Specialist

Granite Technical Institute (GTI)

What we do

  • Career Based Exploration

  • Help with Concurrent Enrollment

  • Handle all GTI classes, students, and questions

CE Testing and Grade Requirements

English 1010 - ACT Reading Score of 18

Math 1030 - C or higher in Secondary Math I/II & III

Math 1050 - C average in math classes and an ACT Math score of 23 and Reading of 18


If we don't have a qualifying ACT score for you on file you must apply for admission to SLCC as soon as possible. Then once you have received your S#, you will need to take a placement test from SLCC and place into the class. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TEST SCORES, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE THE CLASS. Please communicate with Melissa Maughan in the Career Center if you need help applying to SLCC or for information about the Gear Up Grant for Admissions for Seniors. Her number is 385-646-5267 and her email is . This testing must happen as soon as possible.”




Cottonwood Counseling Center

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