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Monday Counselor Message 5/11/20

Dear Parents/Guardians,

All Students:

  • Please contact the main office if you have questions about your student’s account, locker clean-out, textbook turn in, etc.  385-646-5264

  • If your student enrolled in an online class this summer through Granite Online, the fee is now due and can be paid at www.granitesdonline.org Classes begin June 1 and will show up in your student’s canvas account.  Currently, summer registration is closed, though students can be added to the waitlist.

  • Important info regarding grades for Quarter 4:  All Granite students will receive either an A, a P (pass) or an I (Incomplete) for 4th quarter.  No other letter grades will be given, so any grade between an A- and a D- will result in a P which has no bearing on a student’s GPA.  It gives credit but does not alter the grade point average, up OR down.  An F will instead be an Incomplete which gives the student the option of making up missing work to get to passing – the timeline is through first quarter of next school year.  *However, if a student earns grades they would like to keep, students have that option.  Any student who’d like to earn a letter grade in any or all classes must email the school Principal Secretary klpfeil@graniteschools.org or the student’s counselor and express what they’d like.  Counselors advise the following:  Students should pay close attention to their final grade in a class before the school year ends.  If the grade earned is the same or better than the student’s current cumulative GPA, the student should take that grade in letter form.  If it’s worse, the student should take a P.

  • Example:  Student earns an A- in a class.  Student’s cum GPA is a 3.5.  An A- is a 3.67 when converted for GPA purposes, so it would be wise for the student to TAKE the A- as it will raise the student’s GPA.  The student should take the P if the grade earned is a B+ or lower.


  • All seniors need to order final transcripts if they’re attending a college or university after Cottonwood as well as for the Regent’s Scholarship.  They can order through Parchment (they have an account) or they can email spduckworth@graniteschools.org and request she do so for them.  If they want to come in to the school and pick up a physical copy, they  may do so as well.

  • Emails to all parents and guardians of seniors containing the senior’s graduation requirements have been sent or will be sent in the next few days.  The email explains which classes the senior is in that they MUST pass to graduate, any credit recovery still needed, the required senior survey, and more information.  If you don’t receive this email for your senior by Wednesday, contact your student’s counselor. 

  • In order to be cleared to graduate, every senior MUST do the following:  pay all fees, take the senior survey at https://graniteschools.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_d4q6tpSnw9nVjaB , pass all required classes and remediate any failed credits needed for graduation.  Students will not graduate and receive their diploma until they’ve done all of the previous requirements.

  • seniors to order their final transcripts for Regents’, U of U, SLCC and any other college that requires them.  They can order through Parchment, or they can email me and I will order them through Parchment for them.  My email is spduckworth@graniteschools.org.  If they want to come in to the school and pick it up, they can.

  • This Wednesday, May 13th, is senior picture day for graduation.  Seniors should come in their caps and gowns between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. to the auditorium to have their professional senior picture taken.  Parents only are allowed to accompany the student to take pictures/video of their senior walking across the stage and getting their picture taken.

  • For pictures, the gown should be hung up in advanced and ironed or steamed to release wrinkles.  Caps are worn on the head with the tassel on the right side.  Students with longer hair will likely need to bobby pin the hat in place.  It is suggested that under the gown, students wear either a collared shirt with/without a tie or a shirt or dress with no visible necklines.  Caps are student’s to keep and can be decorated any way they like as long as they’re free from profanity or obscenity.

  • Seniors will have to turn in their gown on May 22nd to receive their diploma

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