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Parent-Teacher Conference Instructions

Parent-Teacher Conferences are virtual, please follow these instructions to schedule and attend conferences Sept. 21-22 4-7 p.m.

Parents: How to join Zoom meetings for Parent-Teacher Conferences

  1. Make sure you schedule your conference meetings with the online scheduler HERE

  2. Go to http://cwoodptc.weebly.com for the Zoom meeting links for all Cottonwood teachers or you can use your confirmation email with links listed. 

  3. On your appointed day, click on the Zoom link for each teacher at the time you have scheduled. This can be done from a computer, phone, or another device

with audio (video is great, but optional). 

  1. When prompted, install and open the Zoom app or use your browser to open Zoom. 

  2. If prompted to input in your name, please include your student’s name.  

  3. You will enter the waiting room until the teacher is available to admit you into their meeting. 

  4. When you are finished, click the red “leave” button to leave the meeting.

  5. Click on the link for each teacher at your scheduled time and follow steps 3-7 as needed.   

For more in-depth zoom instructions click HERE

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