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Regent's Scholarship Class of 2021 Updates

The Regent's Scholarship opened yesterday, November 16th. Current seniors (Class of 2021 only) applying for the Regents scholarship DO NOT have to submit an ACT score!

Because the decision was made just before the application opened they were not able to take out the ACT required information on the Regents’ Scholarship application. Students can simply enter a 22 for all the blanks and pick a random ACT date. They won’t be looking at the score at all, but that is the only way to get past it on the application.

Students can contact the Regents Scholarship Specialists Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at 801-321-7159.

Here is a link to the checklist for the class of 2021: https://ushe.edu/wp-content/uploads/pdf/scholarship/RS/2021_app-checklist-FAQ.pdf

Here is the link to the information for all other grade levels: https://ushe.edu/state-scholarships-aid/regents-scholarship/regents-future-applicants/. The Planning Guide on this link is extremely useful.

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