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Seniors! Update on Seal of Biliteracy - no at home Proctor needed.

Please read the following update regarding the Seal of Biliteracy.

On Monday, April 20, 2020, LTI will launch its computer-based proctoring which is what we will use for the Seal test proctored through an online remote proctoring platform.  Therefore, the proctor does not need to send Sharon Gracia the signed agreement mentioned in the previous message.

Prior to the test:

  1. The test taker will need internet access, a computer (or Chromebook) and headphones with a microphone.  Computers with the speakers and microphones built in should work fine. iPads and other tablets will not work with the proctoring site.

  1. The test requires the use of Google Chrome.  Be sure it is installed on the computer.

  1. During the test, the remote proctoring system captures audio and video recording of the test taker and the testing environment as well as all on-screen activity.  As such, parent permission is required before the test can begin. Have the parent/guardian click on the link that follows to take them to the parent permission form: https://forms.gle/XmW9Xksck5UrRfub9,

  1. To order the test, the test taker needs to email me the following information: 

  • Date scheduled to take the test

  • School

  • Teacher (world language teacher – if not in a class, put “none”)

  • Student number

  • Student first and last name

  • Gender

  • Language testing

  • Year of language study student CURRENTLY enrolled in (1, 2, 3,... 12, none)  

  • Type of instruction through which student learned language (traditional classroom, dual immersion, home schooling, private tutoring, heritage learner, other) (Students taking an AP world language test do not need to take the AAPPL.  Their AP score will serve as the Seal assessment. IB students that do not have an IB test from their junior year and are not taking the AP test, will need to take the AAPPL test for their Seal assessment.)

  • Relationship to language (first language, heritage language, foreign language, other)

  1. Ms Gracia will send the test taker the link to the proctoring site and their login credentials. It is a single sign-on process.  After logging in, the test taker will set up a profile which includes taking their photo and walking them through the testing environment set up. The site validates the AAPPL credentials and takes the test taker right to the test within the secure proctoring system.

During the test

  1. To protect the academic integrity of the test, the following features are disabled during the test:

· Right click feature of the mouse

· Browser back button

· Copy, cut and paste keyboard shortcuts

· Google Translate browser extension

If the test taker navigates away from the testing window, they will automatically be logged out of the test.

  1. To protect student privacy, the proctoring site uses AI technology to monitor the student during testing.  This ensures that no human is viewing the student while testing.  As previously mentioned, during the test (and only during the test), the remote proctoring system captures audio and video recording of the test taker and the testing environment as well as all on-screen activity. The video of the test administration is reviewed by restricted LTI personnel only if it is flagged for potential violations.  Activities that the system will detect and flag as a security violation include:

· Impostor fills in for the test taker

· Test taker leaves the session

· More than one person is captured in the video

· Test taker uses papers, notes, books

· Test taker takes notes, digitally or by hand

· Background motion is detected

· Background audio is detected

· Test taker looks away, off camera

· Data is copied

· Online aid is accessed

· Documents on the computer are opened

· Desktop screen capture is blocked

· Right clicking

· External applications are accessed

· New browser is opened

· Full screen view is exited or disabled

If prohibited activities are confirmed, the district will be notified, and the test will be marked un-rate able.  The score will not be released until the video review is completed and the rating are finalized, which can take 2 weeks after the test completion.

After the test

All learner data (photo, video, first name and test ID) that is sent between LTI and the proctoring partner is encrypted and is deleted after 90 days.

Once I have the results (around 14 business days), I will send them to you.  If you have not heard from me in 14 business days, you can email or call me (385-646-4238). If your score qualifies you for the Seal of Biliteracy, I will have the Seal automatically placed on your transcript.  You do not have to complete an application. Keep in mind that 14 business days is about three school weeks, so if you want the score on your transcript by the end of school, you need to take the test no later than April 29. 

Let me know if you have any questions.

Parent Permission for Remote Proctoring

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