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This Wednesday: Vision Van and Mobile Health Clinic

Utah Partners for Health is coming to Cottonwood on Wednesday, Nov 11. They will have the vision clinic for kids and the mobile health clinic for adults.

Vision Van

The vision van will be here to help kids who have been referred by a teacher or other school

personnel. If you or your student need vision help, contact Eliza at (385) 646-8500. We'll pull kids out of class and UPH will do vision tests, make the prescription, and measure for fit all in the same appointment. The glasses will be delivered to the school shortly after Thanksgiving break, we'll give them out to the kids, and if a pair doesn't fit then, we can have the student go to Optical Land and JC will get them fitted.

Mobile Health Clinic

The Mobile Health Clinic will also be this Wednesday, but it's going to be different than what it's been in the past. They will not be on location. Instead there will be a doctor available 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM for remote consultations free of charge for adults who are uninsured or on Medicare or Medicaid. This is for any of our part-time employees and parents of students. Call 385.204.6257 and set up an appointment in advance.

Services available for:

-Blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol care

-Weight management

-Anxiety and depression care

-Acute or Chronic Illness Care

-Women's Health

and more!

For more info contact: Eliza Johanson Outreach Worker Cottonwood High School (385) 646-8500

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