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Weekly Counselor Message 9/18/20

This message went out on Friday, September 18th in the Weekly Principals message. If you missed it here is some important information from your counselors at Cottonwood!

Parent-Teacher Conferences are Monday and Tuesday, September 21st and 22nd.  If you’d like to make an appt. to talk with your student’s counselor, please call the counseling center at 385-646-5265 and schedule one with Suzy, the secretary.  All counseling conferences will be done over the phone; you will be asked to provide a reliable phone number which your counselor will call at the arranged time.

  • We encourage all parents to check gradebook weekly at a minimum; without printed midterms this quarter, counselors are very concerned some parents may be unaware of how their students are doing in class.  It is imperative that parents know and understand how their students are doing, if they have missing work, and their student’s attendance.  Parents can log on to www.portal.graniteschools.org and click on the gradebook icon.  From there, in the “alerts” tab, parents can select notifications they want to receive.  *Remember to press SAVE once updated.  Parents can add up to three emails to these alerts.  Counselors recommend all parents receive the weekly attendance and grade summary; this detailed report will be emailed on Friday and show all of a students’ classes, assignments, grades, and attendance by period.

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