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CPA Recovery: Worth of Education Virtual Class

Seniors who still need to meet the 2.0 CPA graduation requirement have the option of completing all of their hours by participating in the Worth of Education virtual class.  The class may be observed live on April 15th and 16th or you may participate by watching recorded at your own time and at your convenience.  The live sessions are from 6-8 pm, both nights for a total of 4 hours (All 4 hours are required)


This class will help secondary students and their parents understand the value and benefits of education and the importance of learning. Through multi-media presentations, students and parents will learn how education provides preparation for the future. Students and parents may also learn how to turn dreams into realities and how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of school success. 


Please register before April 13, 2020, by following this link.  Once you register, you will receive further instructions via the email you provide.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Ms. Candia at or Ms. D’Acquisto at



Night 1 Worksheet

Open this worksheet and complete questions when prompted.



More materials for you that we may refer to from time to time.


Night 2 Worksheet

Complete during night two. 



RIASEC Online Quiz

Español : Coming Soon.


Zoom enlace


Hoja de trabajo de la noche 1


Hoja de trabajo de la noche 2



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