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To request a change you must log in to your Granite School GSD Google Account 

Enter your district computer username followed by @granitesd.org and your district password.

Need help accessing your account?  READ HERE

Three Steps for making a class change


  1. Review your schedule to determine if a change is needed.  If a class change is needed review the 1st Semester matrix here: 2022-2023 1st Semester Class Matrix

  2. Review the class matrix and figure out how you need to change your schedule.

  3. Then once the form opens (see below for specific dates and times) go to the online class change request form here: Cottonwood High School 2022-2023 Class Change Request 

  • The form opens on Friday, August 19 at 2:30 pm until Wednesday, August 24 at 2:30 pm.  (Counselors are filling holes the first two days of school only).  If you have a hole in your schedule, please come to the counseling center during the period you have a hole. 

  • Class change requests made AFTER the semester begins will be charged a $5.00 fee for any unnecessary changes

What's Next?

  • Counselors will review the requested change(s) and make the change(s) if possible. 

  • Once the change(s)  is/are made the counselor will contact the student by email to let them know that their requested change has been made and to view their new schedule online. Or the counselor will let the student know that the requested change does not work (typically because a class is full) and they will coordinate with the student to make another choice.  

What else should I know?

  • Counselors will do their very best to make changes as quickly as possible however, it may take up to a week for a change to be processed depending on the number of requests submitted.  Please be patient and do NOT submit a 2nd class change request, your counselor will get to your 1st request as quickly as they are able. 

  • Class changes typically cost $5 as per the Class Change Policy (Class Change Policy: Schedules are built on student requests. There is a $5.00 fee per change for unnecessary changes.  Class schedules may only be changed the first 5 days of the 1st and 3rd quarters.).  However, class changes made before the semester begins will be free.  Once the semester begins there will be a $5 fee for all unnecessary changes. 

Important Deadlines:

 No NEW requests for the first semester will be accepted AFTER August 24 at 2:30 p.m. 

Paso 1: Revise las políticas de cambio de clase: lo que necesita saber!

Paso 2: revisa tu horario. Si se necesita un cambio de clase, revise la Matriz del primer semestre aquí:

Paso 3: Después de haber utilizado la Matriz para averiguar cómo cambiar su horario, abra y complete el FORMULARIO DE SOLICITUD DE CAMBIO DE CLASE aquí: